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DMFS Financial Advisers is a financial planning practice focusing on retirement planning, wealth accumulation and aged care.

Client Benefits

DMFS Financial Advisers

We also provide our clients with ongoing services such as regular reviews and quarterly portfolio valuations.

We provide referrals to our professional partners who assist in:

  1. General insurance
  2. Accounting
  3. Legal services
  4. Mortgage broking services.

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Regular reviews

As you travel along life’s journey your financial situation will inevitably change – you may get a pay-rise, buy a house, change your marital status, welcome a new child, or transition to part time employment. This is why regular reviews of your financial plan and/or investment portfolio are so important.

After all, your financial plan is the key to your financial security and as such needs to be fine-tuned to accommodate changing circumstances and requirements.

Your DMFS Financial Advisers adviser will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that your plan is kept up to date and reflects where you are in life.

Quarterly Portfolio Valuations

Keeping you up to date with your portfolio and performance is a priority for us. This is why we have designed a quarterly electronic newsletter exclusively for you, our client. Our quarterly report details Portfolio Valuation, Market Movement over a 12 month period , Asset Allocation and individual fund and share performance summaries.

Aged Care Information

Professional partnerships

To ensure that we can meet every aspect of your financial needs, we have teamed up with a number of professionals who can offer you advice and, via referral arrangements, we can provide you with the best service and quality advice.

Some services available via our referral arrangements are:

  • General Insurance;
  • Refinancing and debt consolidation;
  • Accountancy services; and
  • Solicitor services such as wills and estates, powers of attorney and conveyancing.

For more information speak to your DMFS Financial Advisers adviser – 1300 364 650.


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