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we make the process simple for you.

We have asked you to click on this link after our phone call.

We have also asked that the Centrelink Correspondence Nominee Form is completed and taken to a Centrelink Service Centre for processing asap. This helps us help you process the necessary Centrelink requirements at the time of our meeting. 

This is required for aged pensioners, DVA and self funded persons. It authorises the children, and yes it is separate to a Power of Attorney, to discuss options with Centrelink \ Services Australia, gains you access on MyGov to upload documents, bank statements etc.

For Aged Pensioners (receiving Centrelink) – Just complete the SS313 and return to Centrelink ASAP.

For DVA, self funded, blind pensions, we will need the full SA457 plus other relevant forms to your situation (the SS313 is at the back of the SA457).

The documents requested in the “what do I bring to first meeting” are going to be needed for us, Services Australia and all result in a smooth process with the facilities and invoicing.

First questions – maybe you asked, maybe you didn’t, but I would have referred you here to this link, is how much do we charge. Well, how long is a piece of string.

If you would like to compare 5 facilities, that time, and in most parts due to the heavy regulation of aged care, they are similar in most suburbs or surrounding to where you are looking at, will take longer for us to calculate than one facility. 

How we charge: This is simple, same as a solicitor or accountant, it is time based and rarely with commissions (product is a tricky issue withing aged care) – we charge a fee for service.


Please refer to our fee page for a more detailed explanation on our adviser fees:

Centrelink Specific Costs \ Fees – Adviser 


Please note the difference between advice and form completion costs. 

You could choose the advice package and complete the forms DYI style.

We have reviewed completed forms as well if you have all the information. 

Did we ask you to call the Centrelink Aged Care line after doing the SS313? 

Call Centrelink Residential Aged Care (RAC)

1800 227 475

There is the number. Refer to this link as much as you need. 

I may have mentioned removalists, lawyers and vendor advocates we refer to.

We do not take “kicks”. The people we refer to know we encourage feedback and that retains those people on the ‘list”

Click here for “Common Questions and Answers about Aged Care”

This document is a good little read to understand fees, contracts and legislation.

Click here for “What do I Need to Prepare for Meeting”

If you bring these documents in or email your adviser, we can start working. These are required for the Department of Human Services, regardless of if Centrelink, disability, blind, DVA pensioner or a self funded retiree.

Click here for “Centrelink Authority Form”

This form enables your adviser to talk to Centrelink directly. This may save you time – please pre-complete before meeting and provide Power of Attorney if the new resident cannot sign.

Fee Thresholds:

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