DMFS Financial Advisers is a financial planning practice focusing on retirement planning, wealth accumulation and aged care.

SS313 DMFS Nominee Details

To nominate us as a correspondence nominee, please log into my

  • click on Centrelink as a linked service
  • Hover over “My details” and select “Managing Nominee Arragments”
  • + Add a Nominee and complete the following

Please find below our details

Do you authorise a person or an organisation to be your nominee?

What is the nominee’s Customer Reference Number (CRN)?

What is the Organisation Name?


Name of Contact

Relationship to Nominee

What is the arrangement you are authorising?


Suburb \ Province




What is the reason for making this arrangement?


How long do you want this arrangement to last?



DMFS Financial Advisers


Mr David MacManus

Professional or Financial Adviser

Do not click anything – we do not request payment nominee status. If required to enter, retain as current bank details.

14 / 330 Collins Street


0424 61 60 60


As per situation – generally voluntary if in doubt (ie you are acting as a PoA to lodge this most times anyway). 

Until I cancel it

This can be removed at any time. 

Generally there cannot be more than one nominee on file and we can change back to a PoA at any time.

Please make sure the bank account is correct after we add, we do not want to be recieving payments!